DTC wie Data Trouble Code - diese Codes beziehen sich auf OBD1

12 Diagnostic Mode
13 Oxygen sensor or circuit
14 Coolant sensor or circuit / high temperature indicated
15 Coolant sensor or circuit / low temperature indicated
16 System voltage high / ECM voltage over 17.1 volts (could be alternator) (3.8L)
16 DIS (Distributorless Ignition System) circuit (Chevrolet only)
16 Low resolution pulse (5.7L P-code engines)
16 Transmission speed error (4L60 or 4.3L "S" & "T" series w/ manual)
16 System voltage high or low (3.8L)
17 Crank signal circuit shorted or faulty ECM
17 Camshaft position sensor circuit (3.4L)
18 Crank signal circuit open or faulty ECM
18 Injector circuits (engine VIN code P - 5.7L)
18 Cam and crank sensor sync error (DIS engines) (3.8L)
19 Fuel pump circuit short
19 Crankshaft position sensor (1988-1991 models)
20 Fuel pump circuit open
21 Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) circuit or plunger
22 Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) out of adjustment
21/22 Grounded wide-open-throttle (WOT) circuit at same time
23 Manifold Absolute Temperature (MAT) sensor or circuit / low temp.
23 Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor circuit (1995 models)
23 Electronic Spark Timing (EST) - bypass circuit problem (Cadillac DFI models)
24 Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) or circuit
25 Manifold Air Temperature (MAT) sensor or circuit / high temp.
25 Modulated displacement failure (1981 Cadillac V8-6-4 only)
25 Electronic Spark timing (EST) (Cadillac HT4100 only)
26 Quad Driver Circuit (dealer serviced)
26 Evaporator emission (EVAP) purge solenoid circuit (VIN P - 5.7L)
26 Throttle switch circuit shorted
27 Throttle switch circuit open
27 Gear Switch Diagnosis (dealer serviced)
27 EGR vaccum control signal valve circuit (VIN P - 5.7L)
27 or 28 Quad-driver error (5.7L P-code engines)
28 Pressure Switch Manifold check (PSM) vehicles w/ 4L80-E transmission
28 Same as Code 27
29 Same as Code 27
30 ISC circuit problem (Cadillac TBI)
30 RPM error (Cadillac MFI)
31 Turbo over boost (Turbo models)
31 Park/Neutral switch (3.3L)
31 Manifold Air Temperature (MAT) sensor or circuit (Cadillac DFI models)
31 Canister purge solenoid circuit
31 Camshaft sensor or circuit
31 EGR circuit (1988 to 1990 TBI)
31 Shorted MAP sensor circuit
32 BARO sensor or circuit (carbureted models)
32 EGR circuit (fuel-injected models)
32 Digital EGR circuit (3.1L)
32 Open MAP sensor circuit
33 Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor or circuit (low vacuum)
33 MAF (Mas Air Flow) sensor or circuit
33 Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor signal voltage high
34 Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor signal voltage low
34 MAF (Mas Air Flow) sensor or circuit
34 Vacuum sensor or MAP sensor (high vacuum) or circuit (3.8L)
35 Idle Air Control (IAC) valve or circuit
35 Idle Speed Control (ISC) switch or circuit (shorted)
35 BARO sensor or circuit (shorted) (Cadillac DFI models)
36 BARO sensor or circuit (open) (Cadillac DFI models)
36 Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor burn-off circuit
36 Distributorless Ignintion System (DIS) (Quad-4)
36 Transaxle shift control (3.8L)
36 Closed throttle shift control (1991)
36 24X signal circuit error (3.4L - 1995)
36 DIS ignition circuit (Corvette only)
37 MAT sensor or circuit (shorted) (Cadillac HT4100)
37 MAT sensor temp. high (1984-1986)
37 Brake switch stuck on (4L60-E transmission)
38 MAT sensor or circuit (open) (Cadillac HT4100)
38 Brake Input Circuit (brake light switch)
38 MAT sensor temp. low (1984-1986)
38 Brake switch stuck off (4L60-E transmission)
39 Torque converter clutch
39 Knock sensor circuit shorted (4.3L, manual trans., "S" & "T" pick-up)
40 Power steering pressure switch circuit
41 No distributor signals to ECM, or faulty ignition module
41 Cam sensor or circuit (3.8L)
41 Cylinder select error
41 Quad 4-engine 1XReference (check ignition module / ECM wiring)
41 Electronic Spark Timing (EST) circuit (Cadillac)
41 Opti-spark EST circuit open or grounded (5.7L "F" and "Y" bodies)
42 Opti-spark EST circuit grounded (5.7L "F" and "Y" bodies)
42 Electronic Spark Timing (EST) circuit
42 Front oxygen sensor lean (Cadillac MFI)
43 Electronic Spark Control unit (ESC)
43 Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) out of adjustment
43 Front oxygen sensor rich (Cadillac MFI)
43 Knock sensor signal
44 Oxygen sensor or circuit - lean exhaust
45 Oxygen sensor or circuit - rich exhaust
46 Power steering pressure switch (4-cylinder - air-conditioned modules)
46 Vehicle Anti-Theft System (VATS)
46 Right to left fueling imbalance (Cadillac)
47 Air conditioning clutch and cruise circuit
48 Misfire diagnosis
48 EGR system fault (cadillac)
51 PROM, MEM"CAL or ECM problem (3.1L)
52 CALPAK or ECM problem (3.1L)
53 System over-voltage (ECM over 17.7 volts)
53 EGR system (carbureted models)
53 Distributor signal interrupt (1983 and later Cadillac HT4100)
53 Alternator voltage out of range
53 Vehicle anti-theft circuit (5.0L TBI)
53 EGR fault (3.8L)
54 Fuel pump circuit (3.1L)
54 EGR fault (3.8L)
55 ECM/PCM error (except 5.7L PFI systems, Fuel Lean Monitor 5.7L "F" & "Y" bodies)
55 Oxygen sensor circuit or ECM
55 TPS out of range (Cadillac)
55 Fuel lean monitor (Corvette)
55 EGR fault (3.8L)
56 Vacuum sensor circuit
56 Quad driver B circuit (3.8L)
56 Anti-theft system (Cadillac)
58 PASS key fuel enable circuit
58 Transmission code - TTS high temp. (sensor or signal wire grounded)
59 Transmission code - TTS low temp. (sensor or signal wire open)
60 Transmission not in drive (Cadillac)
61 Oxygen sensor signal faulty
61 Cruise vent solenoid (3.8L)
61 Secondary part throttle valve (Corvette)
61 Air conditioning system performance (5.7L)
62 Transaxle gear switch signal circuits (3.1L V6 / Quad-4-engines)
62 Engine oil temperature sensor (5.7L)
62 Cruise vacuum circuit (3.8L)
63 MAP sensor voltage high
63 EGR flow check (3.8L)
63 Right side oxygen sensor circuit open (5.7L)
64 EGR flow check (3.8L)
64 MAP sensor voltage low
64 Right side oxygen sensor lean (dual sensor models)
65 EGR flow check (3.8L)
65 Right side oxygen sensor rich (dual sensor models)
65 Cruise servo position sensor (3.8L)
65 Fuel Injection Circuit (Quad-4-engines)
66 Air conditioning pressure sensor circuit
67 Air conditioning pressure sensor or clutch circuit (Chevrolet)
67 Curise switch circuit
68 Air conditioning relay circuit (Chevrolet)
68 Cruise system problem
69 Air conditioning clutch circuit (Chevrolet)
69 Air conditioning head pressure switch circuit
69 Transmission code - Torque converter stuck on (4L60-E)
70 Intermittent TPS (Cadillac)
70 AC refrigerant pressure sensor circuit (Cheverolet)
71 Intermittent MAP (Cadillac)
71 AC evaporator temperature sensor circuit(low temperature)
72 Gear selector switch (Chevrolet)
72 Throttle switch circuit (Cadillac)
72 Transmission code - Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) signal loss (4L60-E)
73 Intermittent coolant sensor (Cadillac)
73 AC evaporator pressure sensor circuit
74 Intermittent MAT (Cadillac)
74 Traction Control System (TCS) circuit voltage low (1995 F-body VIN P)
75 Intermittent speed sensor (Cadillac)
75 EGR circuit (1995)
75 System voltage low (charging system problem)
75 Transmission system voltage low (1995 F-body VIN P)
79 Transmission fluid temperature high (4L60-E)
80 Fuel system rich (Cadillac)
80 TPS idle learn (Cadillac 4.6L)
80 Transmission slipping (F-body 3.4L)
81 Cam reference problem (Cadillac)
81 Transmission code - QDM solenoid "A" (1st and 2nd gear) current error
82 Reference signal high (Cadillac)
82 Transmission code - QDM solenoid "B" (2nd and 3rd gear) current error
83 Transmission code - QDM torque converter circuit fault (4L80-E)
83 Reverse Inhibit System (F-body, manual transmission, 5.7L)
85 Idle throttle angle high (Cadillac 4.6L)
85 Throttle body service required (Cadillac)
85 Undefined gear ratio (4L80-E)
85 PROM error (1995 3.4L)
86 Transmission code - Low gear ratio (4L80-E)
87 Transmission code - High gear ratio (4L80-E)
87 EEPROM error (1995 3.4L)
90 Transmission TCC solenoid circuit (manual transmission)
91 Skip shift lamp circuit (1995 3.4L VIN P)
93 PCS circuit current error (1995 3.4L)
95 Engine stall detected (Cadillac)
96 Transmission system voltage low (1995 F-body 3.4L)
97 VSS output circuit (1995 F-body 3.4L)
98 Invalid PCM program (1995 F-body 3.4L)
99 Power management, cruise control system
99 TACH output circuit (1995 F-body 3.4L VIN P)
99 Invalid PCM program
107 PCM / BCM data link problem
108 PROM checksum mismatch
109 PCM memory reset (Cadillac)
110 Generator L-terminal circuit (Cadillac)
112 EEPROM failure (Cadillac)
131 Knock sensor failure (Cadillac)
132 Knock sensor failure (Cadillac)


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